Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Post Industrial Fleet by CREW*31 for Venice Biennale 2004.

Doctors in containers working on biomass. This is normal.

Without his ships man is just a common ape.

PIF is the answer for 31 Danish harbor communities that are closign down their harbor activities.

PIF is architectonic recycling strategies for industrial ships out of duty.

Strategies of activating the Danish harbour cities and towns by introducing new urban functions inside recycled industrial ships and barges. The vessels out of duty are transformed into fixed platforms of democratic urban living having functions such as:

Community Ship with free spaces for different individual and group activities

Bio Ship with mechanical biological composting units for recycling urban waste

Floating City with experimental communities in the belly

CREW*31 was based in Denmark for PIF
Venice Biennale 2004, Taiwan Design Expo 2005

Marco Casagrande, architect - Rebecca Arthy, architect / artist - Steen Bisgård Jensen, landscape architect - Christina Sofia Capetillo, architect / photographer - Dan Cornelius, architect - Susanne Lund Jensen, architect / artist - Kristine Jensen, landscape architect.

Assistants: Lea Louise Andersen, architecture student - Elina Moreau Braunstein, architecture student - Sofie Palm, architecture student

PIF is the answer